Party Invitations with or without Photo

Because I’m a freelance & portrait photographer, I love having seeing a photo on a child’s invitation. It really makes it more personal and the guests have a new birthday photo of the birthday child. I usually try to take a photo of the child in a color that will go with our party theme.

I love photos on invites only if they fit in with the theme and look good on the invite, and if it’s a good picture of the child. I don’t expect professional shots but they should be clear and faces should be visible. I just posted these on another thread, but these are the invites I just had done for my DD’s b-day. I originally had these printed on Linen paper by mistake. The image looks crappy in this picture, but I had them re-printed on regular cardstock.

I love photo invitations and I think others do as well. I remember for my kids 1st Birthday – many years ago *Tears* before they were all the rage like today – I had created Photo Invitations of them holding up Big Party Info Posters, printed them out at the Photo Printer and added a magnet on the back. This way those who were invited could see just how big they had grown. I think I have to dig them out now to share.Funny thing is they do not compare to the choices now available. And to be honest I think that was the only Photo Invite I ever used for their parties, but only because I create my own. Personalization is so in these days. It applies even for party supplies.

Personally I love photo invites and I always try to design the invitation into a keepsake. Plus it’s a 2-in-1 for those who haven’t received a updated picture of the child in a while, now they have one and can tie it in with the event, rather birthday, Christmas, etc. It just gives that extra umph to the occasion! As I always say, the party starts once the invitations are received.

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